It all began with our sister site, Lady Decluttered. There we focus on mastering the art of decluttering, organizing, and embracing minimalism.

However, we quickly discovered that the principles of simple living can seamlessly extend to every aspect of our lives.

From home decor to social calendars, from digital detoxes to holiday and event planning – we all yearn for straightforward, effective, and sustainable systems in every facet of our lives!

That’s when the idea for Lady Celebrations was born! A website created for all the busy bees out there who dream of effortlessly turning any occasion into something truly magical, without the hassle.

At lady celebrations find all the advice, tips, and tricks you need to throw exceptional birthday parties, elegant soirees, fun sleepovers, and celebrate life’s biggest moments.

We absolutely love throwing parties! Whether it’s a Halloween murder mystery dinner, a summer pirate party, or a whimsical garden gathering, we are all in for the fun and festivities!

Looking to kickstart your next event?

Lady Celebrations has you covered with a treasure trove of articles on menu planning, themes, and DIY decor for every birthday, holiday, and special occasion you can dream of!

Start exploring now to make your event planning a breeze.

Questions, comments, download issues, really anything at all just send us an email! We will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

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Hello there,

My name is Jessica Piatt and I created Lady Decluttered in 2018, a wildly successful lifestyle blog that focus on decluttering, organizing, and simple living!

It’s a simple blog that’s aimed at helping people find simplicity throughout their entire lives. Little did I know how badly this concept needed to be adapted into the world of event planning.

A little backstory…

My husband Eric and I LOVE throwing parties.

Not your average dinners or run-of-the-mill decorations – we’re diving into the realm of intricately crafted, personalized murder mystery Halloween extravaganzas!

And Summer pirate parties so detailed, we even create custom Spotify playlists with ship creaking sounds to fully immerse you in the experience.

It was our passion for hosting parties and the struggle of dealing with party planning stress that led us to recognize the demand for a website dedicated to assisting individuals in organizing successful parties without all the anxiety.

That’s when Lady Celebrations was no longer an idea but a reality!

I’m fortunate to have my husband collaborating on this website with me. Together, we dedicate around 40 hours per week to researching and crafting content for our blog, Lady Celebrations. Our goal is to breathe life into the vision we hold for this website!

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Thank you readers for making our dreams a reality!